Is it time to design something personal?

Curious about how it can look like when I make your designs?
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Follow these easy steps and send me a e-mail

Always dreamed about to design your own stunning bonnet?
Here's your chance, just go for it!

Decide what you want in all these steps and then just send me a e-mail. I will help you with price range and all your questions.

Looking for luxury?
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1. Shape of bonnet

Ride Easy grundmodell engelska.jpg
grundmodell sweet fly engelska.jpg
grundmodell fly fine engelska.jpg
grundmodell fly high engelska.jpg
grundmodell fly safe engelska.jpg
grundmodell ride well engelska.jpg

2. Choose size or customize your size. Follow the size templates below to measure

size-guide-sweet-fly (1) NEW.jpg
size-guide-long  (1) NEW.jpg
size-guide-long (1).png

3. Extra functions

Is your horse soundsensitive? Is it enough with stretchy ears? Or is it better with soundproof?

We have stretchy ears and soundproof to choose from.
Stretchy ears are very elastic and 100% cotton.

The soundproof ears are made of 4mm thick neoprene fabric (covered with the cotton fabric so everything matches with the bonnet).

Long bonnet?
Our long bonnets have always ropes included in price.
But if you want a fast way to attach the bonnet to the bridle- rubberband with a button is the fastest!

We have also velcro that is sewed behind the ears. You attach the velcro easy to the bridle and the bonnet will stay on it's place better if you have a horse that shake it's head a lot.




4. Choose color on your bonnet.
Choose basecolor and if you want another color on the edge!

color-map updated engelska.jpg

5. Choose decorations

passpoal - silver and gold chain.jpg

Chaincolors available for 8mm crystals are: Silver, Gold, Rosé and Black