Bold Crystals Collection Cimone
  • Bold Crystals Collection Cimone

    Cimone is decoratied with three different colors of glasscrystals. A little bit odd but funky style on this one. Can be perfectly weared with a total black saddlepad, let the crystals colors stand out!

    It's only one left of this one, then is the crystals gone and will not be restocked. The one Cimone that's left is a combination of Cob-Full size. Fits perfect a D Pony or a small sized horse.


    Black base color.
    100% cotton.

    Stretchy ears.
    Washable by hand.
    Strong metalchain, silver plainted.

    You will get a couple of extra crystals when you order.

    Measures can you find on the last picture. You can also do your own measures.

    This video is filmed with a camera, the light is made with two regular lamps and I have a flashlight to spot the crystals. I try to get the same attitude the crystals have in normal light in indoo