Bold Crystals Collection Glacé
  • Bold Crystals Collection Glacé

    Bonnets base color: Black
    Bonnets edgecolor: Black 
    Decorations: 8mm big, pink and Rosé glass crystals in gold metalchain.

    The bonnet is handmade in Finland.

    The yarn is 100% cotton and the fabric in the ears are very stretchy and soft.
    To wash your bonnet we recommend to follow our washing advices.
    You get washing advices in the package with the bonnet.


    This video is filmed with a camera, the light is made with two regular lamps and I have a flashlight to spot the crystals. I try to get the same attitude the crystals have in normal light in indoor and outdoor arena. It's important to give a authentic living feeling so our customers can have a feeling of the bonnet.
    And yes, It's even more amazing in real life!

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