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Roségold for the queen

Roségold went very fast one of the most popular metallic colors and today it's the new in.

Admire's roségold crystals is very eyecatching but not so sparkling due to it's metallic look.
Made of real Swarovski crystals in 8mm size, roségold chain.


"not only fashionable, the most important is to be comfortable"

We believe in comfort

We use 100% mercerised cotton yarn for it's bright colors and light weight.

Even after washes, your bonnet will stay bright and keep it's neat shape.
We have also developed models with wide back so it have a great fit even in movements

IMG_2494 copy.jpg

We support functionality, stretchy ears or soundproof?

Our bonnets have a sleek shape of ears and to stay functional are they even very stretchy for your horse best comfort.

Have a horse with sensitive ears? Why not choose a bonnet with soundproof ears? 
Our soundproof ears are made of 4mm thick neoprene fabric and is soft for your horse's sensitive ears.

IMG_3407 copy.jpg

Fashionable designs

Dreamed about a bonnet who shines bright like a skye full of stars? It's not only a dream. We make it real!

... And a lots of other designs you can't miss out.

IMG_6605 copy.jpg

Design it

Can't find what you're looking for?
We're here for you. Dream it, design it, we will help you with your questions! 

IMG_1769 copy.jpg


Okay. I love bonnets and I wanted something special for my lovely horse. During half a year, I created the first bonnet in 2014. I couldn't stop. I wanted to make more, i loved to create bonnets and everything growed. 2016 was it time to make it my own business.

 I want to in person thank all my current customers and future to be customers who want to try a high quality bonnet from JS Horsemades.

So who am I?

Read more about me below "ABOUT".

Never hesitate to contact me if you have questions or something else you wonder about. 
Hope to hear from you soon!

"I wanted to create bonnets for winners.
Because, that' is
what you are, a winner!"