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Functional and fashionable bonnet


Elevate your horse with a bonnet with

many good functions!

JS offers special features as soundproof

ears for any design you want!

Bonnets with high lustre yarn and

fabric for long lasting use.

Velcro behind the neck is a good

choice for you with a shaky horse!



Unlimited designs and choices are available.

Only your imagination is a barrier!

Functional and fashionable browband for horses


Want browbands with easy swap function?

Easy to swap the leather loop to the side,

open up, bridle on,

close- and swap it back so tight you want it!

These straps have velcro on the inside

to make sure they stay closed.

The rubber on the inside prevents chafing

on your bridle during your ride and

keep the browband on its place!




Dazzling browbands with luxury Swarovski


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Exclusive Charmaine horse bonnet. Custom design
JS Horsemades soundrpoof flyveil
Golden Grace with custom browband
Classy look with JS Horsemades all black bonnet


Olympic Ruth is a customer favorite at this point. This fashionable shape will elevate your look!

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