I see you love Swarovski. We love it too! 

Swarovski is such a powerful crystal. It glisten amazing, much more than any other crystal we have!

Swarovski comes in many sizes, so much to choose from!

 Here, I'll help you to decide what performance of crystals you want an if you have questions- Never hesitate to write to me!
I will start to represent the free crystals. They comes in many sizes and you can do a lot with them! 


IMG_1252 copy.jpg


IMG_0531 copy.jpg




IMG_9751 copy.jpg
Swarovski 3-3.2mm.jpg

They're not big, but they are powerful!

3-3.2mm is our smallest crystal. Even if it's small, it's glisten beautiful. It looks like small stars on your bonnet!

The Angelic bonnet is covered with this small crystal. Choose any color of crystal you want!

And yes, you can mix crystal colors! 

Swarovski 4mm.jpg
Swarovski 4mm 2 extra.jpg

We love to combine sizes!

We use often 4mm crystals when we want some deepness in our bonnets.

Two really good examples are our Swarovski Emalia and Electric Swarovski

Swarovski 6-6mm.jpg
Swarovski 7mm 1.jpg

The crystals are getting bigger, we know you're brave enough!

Unfortunately are there not so many colors to choose from in this size but... You can make a lot with them!

Two bonnets with this size of crystals are Electric Swarovski and Felicienne. 

Swarovski 7mm 2 extra.jpg

These crystals are so beautiful!

I mean, come on! Everyone will notice your horse and you with these! 

Our bonnet Swarovski Emalia have a combination with this crystals. They sparkles amaaazing in the sun!

You can design your Swarovski Emalia exactly as you want it!

Time to represent Bold Crystals Swarovski!

We really want to offer our special customers something extra.
Our Bold Crystals Collection have not only crystals in glass- They have an exclusive supply with Swarovski crystals also!

Fall in love with these crystals and choose what color (or why not colors?) you fell in love with!

These crystals need to be in a metalchain.

Chaincolors available:
Silver, Gold, Roségold, Black


Swarovski 8.3mm 3.jpg
Swarovski 8.3mm 2 extra.jpg


IMG_0297 copy.jpg
Swarovski 8.3mm 1 extra.jpg

I know you're sitting there and thinking; How did you expect that I am able to choose from this many colors?

We really want to have a wide selection for our customers. We want you to feel special when you're wearing your JS bonnet!

Swarovski 8.3mm 4 extra.jpg