A short story 



Meet Janina

Hello everyone!

Time to tell a little bit about myself behind JS Horsemades.

My name is Janina Sandell, born and raised in Finland, Kemiönsaari. During my 27y old life I have been doing a lot. I have moved eight times, I studied horse caretaking for a while after elementary school and then one year photographing while I lived in Tammisaari. Then I moved to Aland island and stayed there 6.5years. I had my own stable with the most amazing stablefriends, worked at a foodstore and worked extra with restaurants and more small jobs.
Then, during having my own stable I dreamed about a special bonnet for my big horse. It was so hard to find a bonnet for my 175cm lady.

So the love of making bonnets was born in 2014. I needed to say good bye to my lady Leunora very soon after I made the first bonnets. Leunora was my  inspiration behind my company, I have so much to thank her for!

At this day I'm writing this. I'm back home in Finland for about 7months ago. Living the dream in my grandparents old house, my two horses outside and my dogs can run free on the yard.

I have met so many cool peoples during my time with my own company, also peoples who's my very close friends today.

Thank you all and I hope we can do this journey together.