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Store Policy and more

Customer Care

JS Horsemades is a registrated company with VAT number situated in Finland, Kemiönsaari.
We care about our customers and we follow our private policy to keep you safe.
When you order from website or custom design your bonnet thru e-mail will your private data stay at website/e-mail and/or what payment method you choose (Paypal).


Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions!

Payment Methods

- Credit / Debit Cards

- Offline Payments

- Klarna (for finnish customers)

Wholesale Inquiries

For the moment do we have one retailer. Crystals Crown is Based in Sweden and also they send our products world wide.

Want to be our retailer?
Write company name, where are you based and what assortment do you have? Who are you who's running your company?
Don't hesitate to contact us but think about that our bonnets are 100% handmade, therefor we can't follow same commission % as massproduced products.

Brand ambassador

Ambassador of Js Horsemades


It’s great to see that you are interested to become an ambassador for JS Horsemades

Before you apply to become an ambassador for JS Horsemades, we want you to familiarize yourself with the conditions which apply and the expectations we have from you as an ambassador for the brand JS Horsemades.

Anyone who has a connection to horses in regards of being a rider, store owner or in another way involved with horses are welcome to apply.


Conditions which need to be fulfilled to apply for ambassadorship:

  • At least 18 years of age

  • The horse’s wellbeing is always your top priority

  • You have a passion for competing with horses regardless of which form.

  • You should have a huge passion for JS Horsemades

  • We expect you to have at least 10 000 followers on one of your social media accounts

  • We expect you to have good knowledge about the JS Horsemades brand and its products

  • You should have a genuine interest in developing the JS Horsemades products.

  • You want to compete, train and be visible with the JS Horsemades products.

  • You want to present the JS Horsemades product to friends and on your social media accounts.

Expectations for you as an ambassador:

  • You present our products some at least once a week on your social media.

  • Once every month you should post on your social media specifically regarding JS Horsemades products.

  • We expect you to present our new products when they become available and also any news or events that are being planned.

  • We strongly expect to view pictures you have taken of the JS Horsemades products which you aim to use for marketing.

  • We want that the biography of your social media accounts state that you are an ambassador of JS Horsemades.

  • We expect you to take part in trainings regarding our products to ensure that you can market them in the best possible way.



Benefits as an ambassador of JS Horsemades


  • 30% off your entire first purchase order. Orders done after this will all be getting a 20% deduction from the total amount at checkout. (Does not include bonnets with Swarowski crystals and/or Diamond Dazzle sticks)

  • JS Horsemades sticker to apply on your trailer/car/store

  • You’re the first to know about new arrivals to our collections.

  • You get to use product pictures taken by JS Horsemades to present our products. Note that the pictures are copyrighted by JS Horsemades which means that the pictures are only to be used in a marketing purpose.


If you feel like this could be suitable for you and you have a passion for JS Horsemades products, please fill out the JS Horsemades Ambassador application (Link)

If you would like to sell JS Horsemades products in your store, please contact JS Horsemades through Janina Sandell at: [email]

Payment Methods
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