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  • How long will it take to get my bonnet?
    Remember that our bonnets are 100% handmade. Therefore the shipping delay are different times to times depends on how many bonnets i have to make before yours. We try to have a delay on 1month but sometimes it can be delayed of to a couple of months.
  • How does the shipping work?
    We always use tracked shipping with Postnord as shipping company. You can track your parcel on any tracking site. Remember that the delay of shipping can variegate due to holidays, weekends and so on.
  • How do I wash my bonnet?
    1. Soft handwash. Water temperature max 20C and never rub or twist your bonnet. Why? The crystals, stones fall of, chain will brake, and cords can get ugly. Also, the fibres in the yarn take damage and loss it’s lustre. 2. Think of to never use washing detergent, only water. 3. To dry your bonnet after a wash. Take two small towels (or one big) and place the bonnet straight between them. Push out the water. You can do this 1-3 times depends on how wet it is. 4. How do I dry the rest of it? Take a hanger for clothes with one clip in both sides. Hang the bonnet in the ears. Let dry in piece. Is your bonnet only a little bit sweaty or dirty? Take baby wipes and polish off! Baby wipes is good to many things, also for bonnets!
  • How do I do if i want to custom order a bonnet?
    Follow the steps on "Create my bonnet" page. Click up your e-mail and write what you wish for. Be meticulous when you write the steps and names on decorations. You can ofcourse ask for prices in e-mail but if you see something similar on website, the price will be the same on your order. You send a request email to
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