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Here’s some washing advices for your bonnet!


How to keep your fabulous bonnet fancy longer:

1. Soft handwash. Water temperature max 20C and never rub or twist your bonnet. Why? The crystals, stones fall of, chain will brake, and cords can get ugly. Also, the fibres in the yarn take damage and loss it’s lustre.
Keep the bonnets shape while washing and it will keep being fabulous!

2. Think of to never use washing detergent, only water.

3. To dry your bonnet after a wash.
Take two towels and place the bonnet straight between them. Press out the water from the bonnet with your hands. You can do this 1-3 times depends on how wet it is.

4. How do I dry the rest of it?
Take a hanger for clothes with one clip in both sides. Hang the bonnet in the ears. Let dry in piece.

Is your bonnet only a little bit sweaty or dirty? Take baby wipes and polish off!
Baby wipes is good to many things, also for bonnets!

If you have questions, never hesitate to contact me. I want to work with my customers and help them out when they need me. 

// Janina

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