Fly Fine Electric Swarovski
  • Fly Fine Electric Swarovski

    It's Electric! 
    This one is for you who love pink. With this bonnet's intensive pink crystals, you will be the one of a kind when you enter the arena. The crystals glistens amazing in the sun!

    I wanted to create a bonnet for the one who's brave enough to wear something intensive.

    Authentic Swarovski in 4 and 7mm size.
    Black base.
    100% cotton.

    Stretchy ears or choose soundless.
    Rubberband tie down and velcro in the neck to attach to the bridle are choosable.
    Washable by hand.
    You will get a couple of extra crystals when you order.

    ​​​​​​​Measures can you find on the last picture. You can also do your own measures.

    319,00 €Price