Sweet Fly Angelic Swarovski
  • Sweet Fly Angelic Swarovski

    Dreamy short bonnet covered with authentic Swarovski crystals.
    The Swarovski crystals tinders beautifully in indoor ridingarea and outdoor but it's good to know that light colors have easier to glistens than darker color.


    Authentic Swarovski in 3/3.2mm size.
    Black base.
    100% cotton.

    Stretchy ears or choose soundless.
    Rubberband tie down and velcro in the neck to attach to the bridle are choosable.
    Washable by hand.
    You will get a couple of extra crystals when you order.

    Measures can you find on the last picture. You can also do your own measures and write them down together with the colors you choose.

    Want the same bonnet as the picture shows? It's a Navy bonnet with "Dark Indigo" crystals.

    260,00 €Price