Sweet Fly Felicienne
  • Sweet Fly Felicienne

    Just look at Felicienne. The bonnet is gorgeous!

    Felicienne is available in Black, Navy and Burgundy for basecolor. Choose which one who fits you better.
    The light colors on the crystals glisten more than the dark ones.

    Choose your favorite crystals from the colorcharts. Write in the field which color/colors you want. If you want more colors than one, please write the sizes or if you want to mix the colors with big and small crystals.

    Authentic Swarovski in 3/3.2 and 7mm size.

    Black base.

    100% cotton. 


    Stretchy ears or choose soundless.

    Rubberband tie down and velcro in the neck to attach to the bridle are choosable.

    Washable by hand.

    You will get a couple of extra crystals when you order.


    Measures can you find on the last picture.

    You can also do your own measures.


    Want the same bonnet as the picture?
    Burgundy with color "Crystal" crystals.
    The other showbonnet is Black with "Siam" crystals.

    Remember that we will always contact you if there's something we wonder about the colors and sizes if something is unclear.

    265,00 €Price